The federal government has established a new national driver education standard for teens.  And they've tied access to sizeable funds for public works projects to each state’s adoption of the new standard.

For the first time ever, every state in the U.S could adhere to the same driver education  requirements.

And that paves the way for a new national business and brand for driver education and training.
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Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, about 5,500 Americans have been killed in combat and war-related incidents.   

During that same period of time, more than 33,000 teenagers died in traffic accidents on US roads.

Much of the blame goes to the driver education system in this country, which varies wildly from state to state and is uniformly inadequate.  High School Driver's Ed, which is available in less than 30% of U.S. high schools, has been shown to have virtually no impact on reducing teen accidents. And commercial driving schools are largely Mom and Pop businesses that offer a substandard product.

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